The Bull Herd

Don’t enter the metaverse without a bull. Join the herd and become a part of a new era of multifunctional NFTs. This is a 6928 collection with a twist.

Buy a Bull!

Our mint is over, however you can now purchase a Bull or Cow from one of the marketplaces below.

The Herd

The Bull Herd is a rambunctious group of 6,928 bovine ( 3,473 Cows  & 3,455 Bulls ) who spend their time grazing (causing havoc) in the metaverse.

Depending on rather you own a male or female bull will determine which perks you receive. Owning a male bull will allow you to participate in royalties obtained via secondary market sales. However, owning a female bull will allow you to take advantage of our breeding mechanism. Our breeding mechanism will create a new super rare calf collection which will only be available to holders of both male & female bull holders. You will need one male bull and one female bull (cow) in order to mate. The female bull holder will receive the calf. This makes owning both genders very rewarding.

View our road map below for more details.


Frequently Asked Questions

There’s a total of 6928 NFT’s in the collection consisting of 3,473 Cows & 3,455 Bulls.

We are currently listed in two Solana marketplaces Magic Eden and Digital Eyes.

We designed the collection for both bulls and cows to have the same monetary value but with different utility. This doesn’t mean that the community doesn’t later decide that one sex is worth more than the other.

The Bull Herd is a Solana NFT and we highly recommend that you use the Phantom wallet as it supports our collection 100%. Phandom is supported on Chrome, Firfox and iOS at this current time. Here’s a link to a video on how to setup the wallet buy Crypto Dad

Since all of the NFTs have been minted, they are now only available in secondary markets. The price will fluctuate across the markets so it’s best to find a Bull or cow that you like up there and purchase it if it’s within your budget.  You can Purchase on Magic Eden or Digital Eyes.

The best place to get your questions answered quickly would be in our discord server here Our community is really supportive. We are all part of the same herd :)

Meet The Team


Software Engineer and crypto geek. Here to navigate the herd in the right direction.

She Crypto

Digital artist with a love for NFTs

Chuck Roast

Defi guru visionary and a super vegan.

Sam Hooves

Herd builder extraordinaire