The Bull Herd is live!

Our mint has ended! Head over to to purchase a Bull

Mint Details

1 Bull = 0.02 SOL
Max Supply 10,000 Bull
50% Male & 50% Female
100% Random

The Herd

The Bull Herd is a rambunctious group of 10,000 bovine ( 50% male & 50% female) who spend their time grazing (causing havoc) in the metaverse.

Depending on whether you own a male or female bull will determine which perks you receive. Owning a male bull will come with some amazing VIP perks. For starters males will receive random NFT adrops and other surprises. However, owning a female bull will allow you to take advantage of our breeding mechanism. Our breeding mechanism will create a new super rare calf collection which will only be available to holders of both male & female bull holders. You will need one male bull and one female bull (cow) in order to mate. The female bull holder will receive the calf. This makes owning both genders very rewarding.

Calf Collection!

The Calf collection will be created by breeding a male and female bull in our breeding dApp. The calf will inherit traits from both parents however there will only be a maximum of 5000 calf ever created. This is because each male and female bull will be able to breed only once. Some users may choose not to breed their bulls which will make that bull more valuable and the calf count lower.


Meet The Team


Software Engineer and crypto geek. Here to navigate the herd in the right direction.

She Crypto

Digital artist with a love for NFTs

Chuck Roast

Defi guru visionary and a super vegan.

Sam Hooves

Herd builder extraordinaire

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