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Introducing $Ring

The Bull Herd's Utility Token

The Bull Herd is way more than a PFP collections.

Our goal is to provide real utility to the herd and reward them for Holding on to their NFT’s.

Please connect your wallet.

$Ring Tokenomics

$RING is NOT an investment and has NO economic value. It will be earned by active participation within the BullHerd ecosystem. Each bull will be eligible to claim tokens at a rate of 5 $RING per day.

18,250,000 tokens will be generated annually. Bull will also be able to claim 20+ $RING tokens each in the initial drop. Additionally, 5,000,000 tokens will be allocated to the team for supplemental community rewards.

How To Earn $Ring

There are a few ways to acquire $Ring tokens. The most obvious way is by purchasing a bull/cow and receiving yield just by holding on to your NFT at a rate of 5 $Rings per day. We will also be rewarding users for participating in our discord community with Rings. This means user who share helpful information, helps other new users etc will be reward for their efforts. Lastly once we launch our Metaverse Experience there will be more unique ways to earn and spend your rings.

How to Use $Ring